Alan Lee

Over 10 years working in design companies. Became independent in 2010, now serving clients globally

Language Qualifications:
IELTS English Test:
Overall 7 (C2 Level)
JLPT Japanese Language Proficiency Test:
N1 (C1 Level)

Multiple design awards won

About me

International Experience and Immediate Contribution

With years of work experience in Hong Kong, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with people from various countries. Throughout my career, I have worked with individuals from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, Australia, Japan, and more. This valuable experience has greatly benefited my current work.

Having studied Japanese, I am capable of using software interfaces in both English and Japanese. My freelance experience has also honed my ability to manage my time effectively. Moreover, I have developed strong cross-cultural understanding and adaptability, allowing me to quickly adjust to new environments and projects. I can communicate smoothly with clients from diverse backgrounds.

Main Events of My Journey​
Junior Designer Period

Worked for web design and publishing companies, mastering ActionScript 2.0, PageMaker (later Adobe InDesign), and Freehand.

Multinational Company Period

Worked under bosses from Canada, the UK, the USA, and Russia. Daily communication in English significantly improved my proficiency. Developed branding designs and composed brand guidelines, marking a major leap in my career.

Jeppe award
First Design Award

Won an award for designing Jeppe Hein's (the sculpture artist) business card.

Started Independently

Began working as a freelancer with clients worldwide.

English Language Exam

Achieved an overall band score of 7 (C2 level) in the IELTS.

Fukuoka cross
Study Abroad 🇯🇵

Studied Japanese in Fukuoka for one year.

Migrated to Hobart, Tasmania 🇭🇲

Continued my freelance design work.

book cover
My First Collaborative Drawing Book in Japan

In 2022, I received an opportunity to collaborate on a picture book project with Shishiouzan Myouhouji Temple. It was my first time having meetings in Japan. We held several meetings to complete the project, and I gained valuable experience.

N1 Frame
JLPT N1 Passed

Successfully passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1.

Adventures in Diverse Cultures

My journey began with React Ltd., marking the start of my international career. Initially, my English skills were minimal. However, after two years, I became conversational in English and joined FluidHK, where I picked up some British accent and humor.

Then, I joined Li & Fung, a trading company with significant business in the USA. Working under Americans further improved my English. Following Li & Fung, I worked at a Russian-Hong Kong partnered branding agency, where I learned a lot about European cultures through various design projects.

After becoming independent, I worked with many multinational corporations, which expanded my cultural experiences. Learning Japanese allowed me to engage in meetings and express ideas entirely in Japanese.

Living in Tasmania has introduced yet another cultural adventure as I work with local clients. I believe my ability to adapt to new environments is strong.

Software Skill

Graphic Design and Publishing

Web design and UI

3D Modelling

Video Editing

Onsite Freelance Experiences in Top Agencies
My freelance journey led me through the corridors of renowned creative agencies like Landor, Imagination, and Eight Partnership. Each offered unique challenges – from Landor’s brand consulting, Imagination’s experiential design, to Eight Partnership’s fusion of creativity and commerce. These immersive experiences enriched my skillset and broadened my creative perspective.

Awards Distinction




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