Two Weeks, One Book: DiffusionBee FTW!

DiffusionBee Cover

In the past, illustrating my life journey was just a dream. It was a story bursting with vibrant colors and vivid scenes, reflecting an adventure through a dynamic landscape of language and culture. However, any artist will tell you that bringing such a vision to life is not just challenging, but also time-consuming.

That’s where the era of AI image generation comes in. The OSX app, DiffusionBee, unveiled a whole new world of possibilities for me. It not only enabled me to swiftly bring my illustrated book to life, but also gave me the freedom to fully express my creativity in a remarkably short amount of time.

DiffusionBee 01

With its Text to Image function, I was able to generate images simply by inputting specific keywords. For instance, I wanted an image featuring a knight against an RPG-style background. By entering keywords like ‘surreal’, ‘high quality’, ‘RPG style’, and ‘no people’, DiffusionBee swiftly produced an image that perfectly fit my vision.

DiffusionBee 3
DiffusionBee 4

Once the backdrop had been artfully generated by DiffusionBee, I added my final touch – the knight character I had intricately drawn in the Procreate app. This harmonious blend of AI-generated imagery and my own hand-drawn illustration was a beautiful convergence of technology and creativity.

DiffusionBee 2

The Image to Image function proved to be a game-changer. I uploaded hand sketches and photos, added some keywords, and the AI transformed them into polished images. The ability to adjust styles was invaluable. By tweaking the settings, I could generate oil paint, surreal, and realistic looking styles.

DiffusionBee 5
DiffusionBee 6

Within two weeks, I had created over 30 unique illustrations for my book, and still had time left to work on the text. It was an incredible feat made possible by DiffusionBee.

DiffusionBee Ending

But let me be clear: AI does not replace artists. Rather, it enables us to work smarter, augmenting our creativity, and helping us bring our visions to life faster and more efficiently. Embrace the power of AI – it’s a tool, not a threat, to the world of artistry.

Japanese version of my book is now available in Kindle store. 

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