Since last year, I’ve been using Duolingo to learn Korean. My approach was to learn Korean from Japanese, as I believed this would be faster due to the similarities in grammar between the two languages. ( I got JLPT N1 level in Japanese BTW ) Advantages of Duolingo: Bite-sized Learning: The app offers daily lessons that take only 15-30 minutes. This repetitive method helps reinforce memory. Engaging, Game-like Structure: The gamified elements keep learning fun and motivate continued use. Early Success: Within the first few months, I was able to pronounce Korean correctly and memorize basic vocabulary. Free Access: Despite being a free app, it provides a substantial amount of […]


Behind the Scenes: The Making of My Illustration eBook The eBook Assembly Line Creating an eBook is a meticulous process involving several key steps. My journey started with Procreate, a digital illustration app where I transformed my ideas into vivid art. I then drafted the words in Google Sheets. The sheet layout enabled me to organize text efficiently and separate languages, essential for my plan to publish the book in Japanese, English, and Chinese. With the assistance of ChatGPT, I ensured that spelling and grammar were accurate for all languages. Once the content was prepared, I used Adobe InDesign for layout and formatting. Finally, I employed the Kindle Comic Creator […]


In the past, illustrating my life journey was just a dream. It was a story bursting with vibrant colors and vivid scenes, reflecting an adventure through a dynamic landscape of language and culture. However, any artist will tell you that bringing such a vision to life is not just challenging, but also time-consuming. That’s where the era of AI image generation comes in. The OSX app, DiffusionBee, unveiled a whole new world of possibilities for me. It not only enabled me to swiftly bring my illustrated book to life, but also gave me the freedom to fully express my creativity in a remarkably short amount of time. With its Text […]


In our rapidly evolving digital era, where communication is seemingly more convenient than ever, there’s an increasing trend of managing jobs and projects through instant messaging platforms. Platforms like WhatsApp, Signal, and iMessage have become ubiquitous, offering ease of access and seemingly efficient communication channels. However, with this shift, a series of pitfalls have emerged. These platforms, though user-friendly and quick, may not always be the most effective means of managing projects. Let’s dive into some examples of why these platforms may cause more harm than good in the realm of project management. Blurring the Line Between Work and Personal Life The integration of work-related conversations into personal messaging apps […]


The graphic design landscape in 2023 is a fascinating blend of technology and creativity, with AI-driven tools leading the charge. This year, we’re seeing a shift in design aesthetics and a new focus on authentic representation. Let’s dive into the most influential trends shaping the world of graphic design in 2023. 1. AI-Powered Image Generators Undoubtedly, the most groundbreaking trend in 2023 is the surge of AI-powered image generators, such as MidJouney and Stable Diffusion. These cutting-edge tools leverage intricate algorithms and machine learning to produce high-quality, stunning images from user input. MidJouney transforms textual descriptions into corresponding images, democratizing graphic design by enabling individuals without extensive design knowledge to […]

Figma、Adobe Illustrator、Affinity Designer間のコピーペースト互換性

In the evolving world of design, Figma has emerged as a powerhouse. With its collaborative capabilities and robust features, it’s no surprise that Figma has become the go-to tool for many web designers. However, due to some limitations of the tool, designers often find themselves creating artworks outside of Figma, typically in software like Adobe Illustrator CC or Affinity Designer. This then requires the artwork to be imported back into Figma, making the seamless compatibility of these platforms crucial. Round 01: Vector Objects with Gradient Color Adobe Illustrator CC to Affinity Designer Gradients, color codes, is impeccably maintained. Adobe Illustrator CC to Figma Gradients, color codes, is impeccably maintained. Affinity […]

背景削除対決:Photoshop CC対Pixelmator Pro

AI Background Removal PhotoshopCC-vs-Pixelmator Pro

Immerse yourself in the world of AI-powered photo retouching, where Adobe’s Photoshop CC and Pixelmator Pro are vying for the top spot. With their automatic background removal feature, these two contenders have revolutionized photo editing, turning an intricate task into a quick, straightforward process. Pixelmator Pro: https://www.pixelmator.com/pro/ Adobe’s Photoshop CC In the current version of Photoshop CC, you can access the background removal feature via a quick path. Navigate to the top menu, click on ‘Window’, then select ‘Properties’. Once the Properties panel is opened, look under ‘Quick Actions’. There you’ll find the ‘Remove Background’ button, ready for your click. Pixelmator Pro In the current version of Pixelmator Pro, you […]

1/8 シャドウ・ムーンGK

I haven’t built model figures in a long time; the last time was back in the ’90s when I was in high school. Technology has advanced a lot in the past 20+ years. The latest SHF and true bone carving figures are nearly perfect in design, so there’s really no need to build Rider models anymore – you can buy beautifully detailed ones for just a few hundred dollars. However, old-school model figures still have a certain charm, and these hollow plastic figures offer more of a challenge. I’ve always felt that as a Rider fan, I should at least make a Shadow Moon figure once in my life. And […]




Last year at a Tokyo flea market, I found some beautiful Edo-style antique drawers. They were gorgeous but quite expensive. Since then, I’ve had a blueprint in my head to create one myself. Recently, I found double-deck wood drawers at Jasco store, which are the perfect raw material to start this DIY project. Original bored-looking drawer, poor finishing. All ingredients, the fabric papers are from Jasco (Daiso) too, brass label holders and Mod Podge for final coating. After sanding all the surfaces, apply Briwax on them. I used teak color. Lay the fabric paper on the wood with a thin coat of Mod Podge, let it fix on it and […]