Polytrade paper guide box remade.

This is the latest paper guide from Polytrade, however, the puller was broken months ago, and this black elastic band is not looking premium enough, therefore, DIY time!

Polytrade paper guide remade-23This string is very fragile and  quite hard to pull the drawer out.

Polytrade paper guide remade-01I removed the elastic band and the front face of the front panel of drawer, gonna replace with a piece of wood scrap and the little handle that bought from a small shop in Tokyo (http://bonboni.net)

Polytrade paper guide remade-02
Dye the wood with BRIWAX, this time I use teak color.

Polytrade paper guide remade-03
Install the handle on the wood panel.

Polytrade paper guide remade-05Glue the drawer and new front panel together.

Polytrade paper guide remade-06Let it dry. I found the the wood glue can also work greatly with paper.

Polytrade paper guide remade-07This the the bottom of drawer, sticking the “slide smoother” to make it easier to slide.

Polytrade paper guide remade-13Finished! Now it’s looks antique, that’s easier blend in my working environment!

Polytrade paper guide remade-15

Polytrade paper guide remade-12

Polytrade paper guide remade-17Little modifications, big changes, this is the spirit of DIY!






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