From Concept to Kindle: Sharing My Japanese Learning Journey

I am thrilled to share that my first Kindle book is out, telling the story of my journey learning Japanese. It began as a personal challenge to master the language and turned into an engaging tale of growth, exploring a new culture, and finding myself. I also learned how to publish an ebook on the Kindle store. This was harder than I expected, but feeling the book go live was incredibly rewarding.

In ‘Suddenly, an Uncle Learns Japanese in His 40s,’ you’ll read about my unexpected journey into learning Japanese. This book shares the circumstances and motives behind my impromptu decision to dive into the complexities of a new language. From enrolling in a language school to overcoming the many challenges of daily practice, each chapter sheds light on my journey with vivid personal experiences and illustrations. The bonus section includes insights and advice that I gleaned along the way, making this book not just a memoir but a resource for fellow learners.

Both English and Japanese versions are now available on the Kindle store:

🇯🇵 Japanese Version

🇬🇧 English Version

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