Crafting a Healthy Identity for Delish Wellness

Delish Wellness logo design and brand development
Delish Wellness Logo design

The branding of Delish Wellness – a company dedicated to tailoring healthy food and diet plans.

The logo design was inspired by the concept of a 'stairway to a healthier life'. This was beautifully encapsulated in the steps forming the character 'D'. A meticulous balance of aesthetics and symbolism, the logo carries forward the company's mission within its design.


Project list:

  • Logo Design
  • Branding guideline 
  • Business Card
  • Shopping Bag

Moving on to the branding guidelines, a comprehensive guide was created to ensure consistency across various platforms and contexts. The guidelines cover critical aspects such as logo structure, variations, exclusive zone, color variations on different backgrounds, typography, and color palette.

Delish Wellness Buesiness card design in green and purple background

In addition to the logo and branding guidelines, the design process also encompassed business cards. These were brought to life with the vibrant color palette and the striking logo, serving as a small, but powerful, extension of the Delish Wellness brand.

Delish Wellness Paper shopping bag

Completing the branding suite, I designed a clean, minimalist shipping bag. The logo takes center stage, with the slogan “Nourish Your Journey” subtly at the bottom.

Delish Wellness official site in iPad and Laptop

Discover more about Delish Wellness on their official website.

Japanese: “Delish Wellnessについて詳しくは、公式ウェブサイトをご覧ください。