Eve Bistro

Eve Bistro Restaurant was founded by a young couple with a talented chef who enjoys pushing the boundaries of traditional dishes by incorporating new ingredients and creating their own signature style and taste.

The logo is a simple yet unique typographic design, featuring the Chinese characters 夏娃 (Eve in Chinese) with the English name “EVE” placed between the complex Chinese strokes. This seamless blending of both names creates a distinctive and memorable logo for the restaurant.

Project Goals

To create a logo that reflects the restaurant's signature style and innovative approach to cuisine
To develop a unique typographic design that seamlessly blends Chinese characters with English text
To ensure the logo is visually appealing and memorable, standing out among competitors in the crowded restaurant market
To create a versatile logo that can be used across different mediums and platforms, including menus, websites, and social media
Logo Design for EVE 04 scaled

Design Process

  • Research and Analysis: Researched restaurant's brand identity and identified key factors for logo design.

  • Concept Development: Brainstormed logo concepts and chose one with Chinese characters 夏娃 and English name "EVE".

  • Sketching and Refinement: Created sketches and refined typography for perfect balance between Chinese and English.

  • Finalization and Delivery: After revisions, final logo delivered to client, reflecting restaurant's brand identity and innovative approach.