AuNew Food: Shaping an Appetizing Brand Identity

AuNew Brand Identity

AuNew Food is a thriving brand specializing in importing premium food and beverages from Australia and New Zealand to Hong Kong. As their design partner, I had the pleasure of crafting a comprehensive visual identity for their brand, including logo, packaging, posters, storefront design, wall stickers, and social media graphics. The strong branding visuals have contributed to the ongoing growth and success of the business, which now boasts three shops across Hong Kong.

Aunew Food in lunchbox and wrap design

Key Achievements

Developed a cohesive brand identity that reflects AuNew's commitment to quality and freshness
Successfully created sub-brands for AuNew Kitchen and AuNew Butcher, ensuring a seamless connection to the main brand
Played an integral role in the expansion of AuNew Food, with three thriving shops in Wai Chai, Shek Mun (Shatin), and Tsuen Wan
Aunew Food in Wan Chai, Hong Kong, shop signage design.

Design Elements

Logo: A modern and sophisticated logo that embodies the fusion of Australian and New Zealand flavors in Hong Kong
Packaging: Elegant packaging designs that showcase the premium quality of the products
Posters and Wall Stickers: Eye-catching visuals that communicate the brand's story and values
Storefront Design: Inviting and stylish exteriors that attract customers and reflect the brand's ethos
AuNew Shop Front2
AuNew Butcher
AuNew Butcher Sign
AuNew Food Branding
two chefs in different uniform designs.
AuNew Wine
AuNew Food window sticker in Shatin Shop at Hong Kong
Aunew Food in packaging design
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In conclusion, my design work for AuNew Food has helped the brand establish a strong visual identity that resonates with their target audience. The cohesive branding elements have contributed to the company's growth and success, with three thriving locations in Hong Kong. I am proud to have been a part of AuNew Food's journey and look forward to witnessing their continued expansion.
AuNew Brand Identity