Bridestowe Packaging Design

Bridestowe's packaging design - Tea can label design

After successfully redesigning the packaging for Bridestowe, one of Tasmania’s significant lavender farms, I had the opportunity to visit the farm a few years later and witnessed my designs on their products firsthand.

Bridestowe's packaging design - Tea can label design
Bridestowe's packaging design - Tea can label design

Tea Can Design

In the tea can design, typography and a striped background were used, with distinct colors signifying each tea type, creating an elegant and modern packaging design.

Bridestowe Lip Balm and Sleep Balm packaging design in write background

Lavender Series Bottles and Label Design

The Lavender series bottles featured a minimalist white background with a thin typography and a delicate illustration of a lavender plant, encapsulating the essence of the farm.

Explore their exquisite collection at the Bridestowe online store:


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Through this project, I was able to not only redesign Bridestowe's packaging, but also experience the impact of my designs in real-world settings.