DIY Leather Briefcase

Last year I did a lot of onsite design working, some companies didn’t provide any computers, I have to bring my own one, and sometimes I need to present the logo design in a big conference room, I have to bring an extra USB monitor too, therefore, a decent briefcase is an essential item for me, there are many choices in the market, I particularly love Porter, but the size never fit, either too small or too big, so, DIY time!

DIY-leather-briefcase-1I spent HK$449 on the leather, just enough for one briefcase!

DIY-leather-briefcase-2After cut all the leather in pieces, it’s time to dye, this time I picked my favoured Porter yellow.

DIY-leather-briefcase-4This was a really bloody tough job!

DIY-leather-briefcase-9Start with the front pocket first.

DIY-leather-briefcase-15The most important part here is balancing, two pockets should align perfectly.

DIY-leather-briefcase-12 DIY-leather-briefcase-13The making of handles.

DIY-leather-briefcase-17Inside pockets for pens, keys and USB thumb drive.

FullSizeRenderI made a copper stamp from a local leather shop, quality is quite good.

DIY-leather-briefcase-19All parts are ready, it’s time to sew every pieces together.

This is the umbrella pocket, in a sunny day this pocket can put the shoulder strap.

DIY-leather-briefcase-25Glueing the front panel and side panel together, the corners are very hard to glue, need a little bit of force.

DIY-leather-briefcase-26Sewed the front panel, now on the back panel left.

All sewing work was done, now is the time to reverse it inside out, the briefcase is really to use.

DIY-leather-briefcase-30Hell yeah! My very own leather briefcase!

Another stamp on left side.

DIY-leather-briefcase-35Item one: 11″ Macbook Air

Item two: 16″ USB external monitor

Item three: Wacom Intuos Pen

DIY-leather-briefcase-38Now I can work anywhere, all the devices in to one single briefcase that just fitted.

The size is just fit for my body.

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