Transform Plain Drawers

Recently I bought two plain drawers from Jusco living plaza, HK$12 each,  dirty cheap, but the outlook were so boring, but just because it is so plain, it have potential and vest possibility to reshape it,  I would like to transform them into a antique looking drawers, so, DIY time 🙂

transform drawers-09This is the original drawer, how plain it is!

transform drawers-02
Get rid of the ugly handle, I will use a metal button to replace it.

transform drawers-03
Create the score lines around the drawer, in order to give it more details.

transform drawers-05
Apply Danish oil before installing the handle.

transform drawers-08
The button is originally for leather bag, but I think it’s still looks good on wood 🙂

transform drawers-07
Using the brown color ink to deeper the score lines.

transform drawers-13
Done! Just few sample steps can profoundly changing the look and feel.

transform drawers-15

transform drawers-14

transform drawers-17
My working corner is getting better now!

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