Apothecary Drawers

This one was inspired from a very famous IKEA hack, the original one here: http://thepaintedhive.net/2012/04/ikea-card-file-drawers-hack/

I searched eBay and Etsy that some fellows selling this kind of thing, but too damn expensive.

One day I went to shipping in Jusco Living Plaza, and found the similar drawers costed only HK$36, without a hesitation I grabbed two! So, I gonna make myself a vintage looking apothecary drawers. DIY time!

This is the origin drawers, see, it have potential to become a very stylish and cool vintage drawers.

I bought the Watco Danish oil, and I think dark walnut is coolest colour to make it vintage.

It can instantly darken the wood, which is very cool!!!

Using a ruler to beat the edges, make it looks rough.

Using sand paper to rub off the paint on the card holders, again, the goal is to make it old and worn out.

Done! My very own apothecary drawers!P1030959
The comparison of aged and non-aged drawers.

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