IKEA hack: Laptop stand for my Macbook Air.

I got my new macbook air to replace my old and nearly broken Mac Mini, and now I need a laptop stand. The only criteria is I need to work in dual monitor environment in some situation like copy and paste text from documents, selecting stock photos and creating artwork at the same time, but after the work done it can become single monitor again, that’s mean my Macbook Air could be folded and hidden somewhere.

I do a search on Apple store, eBay and Amazon, found no perfect solution for me, therefore, DIY time!

These are the basic parts I need, I chose a bamboo chopping board because unlike the pinewood, it is hard and not easy to bend.

The best part of APTITLIG chopping board is here, the logo! I’m like DIYing the branded product!


This is the desk before, a lot of cables and so chaos!

This is the desk after, very well organised!

The IKEA logo!

This is the dual monitor mode that I mentioned.

After the work done, it can folded and hidden.

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