DIY industrial pipe shelves

Inspired from a lot of places like Etsy, Pinterest and Google image search, it’s time to create my own industrial pipe shelves! In Hong Kong, the pipes and elbow are easy to find, but the wood and flanges are impossible, therefore I ordered them from Amazon and eBay.

diy industrial pipe shelves-32

diy industrial pipe shelves-35
The 1st thing to do is assembly the pipes and measure the length.

diy industrial pipe shelves-37
Cut the big holes and let pipes goes in.

diy industrial pipe shelves-39
Using jigsaw to cut one of the board shorter.

diy industrial pipe shelves-40
Done. A lot of sweat since it is quite heavy, the next challenge is hood it up on the wall!

diy industrial pipe shelves-41
I bought 2″ long screws, totally 12 holes, should be sting enough to hold the weight of itself and books.

This is the wall before, without shelves, so empty and boring.

diy industrial pipe shelves-55
This is the wall with finished shelves!
diy industrial pipe shelves-61 diy industrial pipe shelves-54 diy industrial pipe shelves-53

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