Lighting Up Smiles: The Journey of Crafting Smile Centre’s Logo

Smile Centre, a professional teeth-whitening shop located in the bustling Central District of Hong Kong, has been brightening smiles since 2015.

Sparkle with Confidence

I had the opportunity to work with them to develop a logo that is minimalistic yet robust. The design concept was inspired by the negative space of teeth, which resembles a 4-point star. By combining the star shape with this unique feature of teeth, we've crafted a logo that is visually distinctive and resonates with the shop's mission of creating radiant smiles.

SmileCentre thrumb

The journey to the final logo involved a meticulous exploration of shapes, patterns, and symbolism. The end result is a strong visual identity that communicates Smile Centre’s commitment to providing exceptional teeth-whitening services and enhancing the natural beauty of every smile.